-You keep your fears a secret, working extra hard, avoiding speaking up, not owning your achievements, dwelling on past mistakes, and never going for things for fear of not being good enough.

-You never sit still and enjoy the place you are in right now.

-Your relationships are troubled and unsatisfying.

-You feel embarrassed about past mistakes and that people will judge you for them.

-Feel the need to entertain others, and if you fail to do so, think you are not a good person

-Doubt every decision in your life when something goes wrong.

-Hide behind a fake smile so no one has to worry about you.


-Happy to trust your own instincts and ability to learn to be able to grow into the person you want to be?

-Deserving of success, capable, intelligent, and worthy?

-More connected to the people in your life, and have relationships that thrive over time?

-Disagree with others with minimal difficulty.

-Believe your opinions are valuable.

-Able to be supportive, gentle, and understanding to yourself when you are having a hard time.

 I want to say congratulations for taking the first step in managing your mental health. The bravest people in a family are the ones willing to ask for help. It may be overwhelming at first when we choose to seek counseling. I may be the first therapist you have researched or the 1,000th one. So feel free to browse my website as I have provided resources on what working with me would look like.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation call which will help both you and I see if we are the right fit to work with each other. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. If we find out that we are not a good fit I don’t mind finding you referrals for other therapists that would be a better fit. I’m a big advocate for mental health and helping you connect with other professionals to help you in your healing journey would be an honor.

You may also not be ready at this exact moment or skeptical about attending therapy. That is okay. There has been a long stigma against mental health and only recently has the importance of mental health been acknowledged. You can always just continue to check back now again on my website for new blogposts until you are ready. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Just know that what I provide for you on social media is not therapy and is not a replacement for treatment.

Each individual has a unique story that has brought them to seek therapy and I hold that space for you to begin healing. That space can only be provided through working with me one on one. I’m here to help you find clarity and purpose to lead a life with self compassion. So go ahead and get inspired, explore what I have to offer, and I hope it leads you to discover joy in your life.

Hazel Guenther M.A., LMFT

My lifelong desire to understand myself and the world around me led me to fulfilling my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I received my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy in August 2015 from Liberty University. I have 6 years of mental health experience practicing in Las Vegas working with organizations in the for-profit sector. I specialize in individuals who are codependent dealing with anxiety and depression due to past family trauma. I am drawn to the process of gaining knowledge about others, and you can count on me to continue to improve on what I already do. I endorse the importance of acquiring additional knowledge and gaining new skills. I am EMDR trained, and have training in Hypnotherapy, Parts and Memory, and Clinical Anxiety Treatment. I also have training in Christian Counseling and can integrate that in sessions if requested.