Individual Therapy

Do you sometimes become overwhelmed during conflict with others? Is it difficult for you to make decisions because of the unknown? Are you having difficulty processing childhood trauma? I work with individuals to increase their confidence and decrease their anxiety during times of conflict and struggle. I focus on finding your strengths and resources to create a more effective future.  I most commonly work with individuals with anxiety, creating healthy coping skills, grief, self-esteem, and trauma. My treatment with individuals utilizes the following approaches solution-focused therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Child & Family Therapy

Is your child having difficulty expressing anger? Do you have a daily power struggle with your child? Or do you have feelings of despair when you don’t have answers to make your child feel better? I can help you learn to give your child effective choices, take responsibility for the results of their behavior, and find options for your child to feel capable and worthwhile. At the same time I provide guidance to help parents effectively manage children’s behavior. When working with children and adolescent clients I expect parents/caregivers to attend family therapy sessions and will sometimes recommend individual parent sessions with  parents/caregivers if needed.  My treatment approach works with Family Systems Therapy in which I assist  family members in identifying conflicts that are currently facing them. I also integrate solution focused therapy and play in therapy when working with children.

Couples/Marital Therapy

Have you and your significant other just become new parents and are having difficulty adjusting to your new normal? Are you in constant conflict with your significant other and losing faith that any change will happen? Do you have difficulty with co-dependency or boundaries with your spouse? Or maybe you want to learn tools to make your relationship stronger. I teach my client’s how to be aware of their conflict patterns by disarming conflicting verbal communication to increase relationship closeness and address conflict productively. I also teach clients how to develop new kinds of interaction within their relationship and foster secure bonding between partners.  I teach couples effective ways to raise their relationship using Gottmann and Emotionally Focused Therapy approaches.